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Stand In Your Power: Redefining the Art of Being an Executive Mom FACILITATED


April and Anne are excited to guide you on your journey to success as an Executive Mom!

This 8-week program is designed to help you conquer the guilt often experienced by working mothers, guiding you to make fundamental changes for successful leadership in both your personal and professional life. While balancing work and home can be a daily challenge, this facilitated learning program provides a supportive environment where you can connect with like-minded Executive Moms, share strategies, gain valuable insights, and ultimately achieve your goals.

Here's what you'll experience:

Live Group Connects:

  • 8 weekly sessions held every Tuesday at 12:00 PM ET (first session on April 9th) Download the prospectus here.

  • Connect with other Executive Moms in a supportive virtual setting

  • Discuss strategies, share experiences, and receive guidance from program creators, April Martini and Anne Candido


Weekly Personal Growth Modules:

  • Receive detailed program content and resources delivered via email every Monday (starting April 1st)

  • Stay engaged and be accountable to your personal growth.


Community and Support:

  • Join the Executive Mom Slack channel to connect and share experiences with other participants

  • Access individualized coaching at a reduced rate to further personalize your journey.


  • Gain valuable insights and strategies from experienced leaders

  • Develop a supportive network of fellow Executive Moms

  • Learn to shift your focus, challenge limiting beliefs, and redefine success on your own terms

  • Become a leader in all aspects of your life

Let's Get Started!

Program Duration: TBD

Live Group Connects: TBD

Platform: Zoom

Cost: TBD

Registration: TBD

Early bird registration discount: TBD

We are sorry, but the facilitated program isn't available right now.  You can still get the entire program through our "On-Demand" option.  Just click here. If you find yourself needing guidance as you are processing, reach out!  We offer discounted coaching packages.  Here's to standing in our power!


  • What if I start with On-Demand and want to switch to Facilitated?  Once registration closes for the Facilitated version, it is closed.  Remember, you can still engage with the community via Slack.  And, if you want a more guided journey, you can use your 10% discount on coaching packages.

  • What if I can’t attend all the live group sessions in the Facilitated version?  Will they be recorded?  We highly encourage you to attend all the sessions.  Part of your growth is learning to prioritize yourself.  We understand though that things come up that can’t be avoided.  There is no penalty for missing a session.  But, we won’t be recording them as we feel is discourages open and honest conversation.  If you feel like you will miss more than one live group session, the On-Demand version may be a better option for you.

  • What if I want to cancel while in the Facilitated version?  Can I get a refund?  We have yet to have someone want to cancel, but we understand it could happen.  If you cancel before the start of the second week, we will refund 100% of your investment.  Once the second week commences, there will be no refunds.

  • What if I purchase the On-Demand version but don’t like it?  Can I get a refund?  You have 3 (three) days from the time of purchase to request a 100% refund.  No refunds will be granted after then.  

  • Can I get more 1:1 coaching from Anne or April?  Of course!  And, you get 10% off coaching packages while you are going through the program or anytime after you complete it.  Just contact Laura at to get scheduled.

Have Questions?  Contact Laura at

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