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Cultivating your Personal Brand

Cultivating your Personal Brand

Each of us is our own brand, whether we choose to acknowledge it or not. Because we are all human beings and we interact with other human beings, there are natural impressions that others take away from us when we interact. If you don’t define and proactively manage your Personal Brand, others will define it for you. But more than that, the big "why" is because it ultimately determines if people are buying what you are selling. And this might mean in business, in your personal life, in your relationships - it is all of this. The truth of the matter is, you need to be able to sell in order to achieve your goals and dreams because we cannot realize those hopes and dreams without other people.  


This digital coaching module starts with an assessment to help you understand where your Personal Brand may need some attention. It then dives deep into exercises that focus on each component of your Personal Brand: Characteristics, Appearance, and Behaviors & Actions. These exercises are intended to reveal what may be getting in your way as well as help you to define strategies for adjusting your Personal Brand in order to better put you on a path to achieve your goals and dreams.  



At the end of the module, you will be able to: 


1. Identify themes in your Behaviors and Actions that are impacting our reputation. 


2. Understand how these Behaviors and Actions are rooted in your Characteristics that make you YOU. 


3. Determine how your Appearance (both verbal and physical) is defining your image.


4. Have a plan of action for cultivating your Personal Brand to better move you towards your goals and dreams. 

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