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Creating a Brand-Led Social Strategy

Creating a Brand-Led Social Strategy

Being on social without a strategy is like flying a plane without a flight plan.  The best you can do is look for landmarks and hope you may reach your destination…someday.  


This digital coaching module helps you to create a brand-led social strategy that unifies your social channels against your marketing goals.  This captures the approach we deployed for big iconic brands as well as for our current small and mid-size business clients.  It also includes  examples and easy to apply formats so you can get started today.


At the end of the module, you will be able to:

  • Draft a social strategy informed by your brand and consumer(s).

  • Create a Conversation Calendar to guide your postings.

  • Avoid many of the common mistakes and achieve better results.


Note:  This module considers Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.  It does not include YouTube or Pinterest. 


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